I'm really glad you found my webpage. 


Let me take a wild guess: you are looking for a translator, copy-writer or illustrator and have not yet found the right person? Well, then just have a look around and browse my illustration and translation projects.


So far, I have translated novels, short stories, fashion magazines, documentaries, soap operas, subtitles, corporate concepts and contracts for companies, and  even international organs of government; I worked as copy-writer for a big fashion company, and I designed logos, website headers, illustrations and covers for cookbooks, children's books, and poems for editorials, authors, and private clients.


But, first things first: maybe you would like to get to know me a little better? If you're interested in working with me, you can easily – and rapidly – inform me about your project via my contact form and then we will talk about everything else. Have fun browsing!


I'm looking forward to your project. Yay!


INSTA: @illustranslation