about me

 Hi. My name is Maya and I love books, languages, illustrations, summer and drinking great coffee. At the moment I am living in Barcelona with my husband and our four-year old and cannot imagine moving away ever again.


I studied English and Spanish Literary Studies (BA) as well as Italian and Catalan Linguistics (MA) at the universities of Marburg and Leipzig and, in 2021, I finally finished my dissertation on Small Group Dynamics in anglophone Novels of the 20th Century.


In the last few years, I wrote copies, translated, and illustrated for clients such as editorials (Ploettner Verlag, Wolf & Delling, Babelcube) and big brands (Desigual, A Good Company), translation and subtitling agencies (audioprojects), proofreading companies (Kurtz Lektorat) detective agencies (Detektei KurtzAaden Detektei)  authors (Owen Jones, Amanda Mariel and Lisa Hutchison) and many private clients.  


If you want to know more, explore my page or send me a message via the contact page. I'm looking forward to your project.