Ever since I took up a pencil for the first time and started drawing, art and anything related to it has fascinated me. I have always been able to draw, paint, and sketch for hours, in order to get my imagination and fantasy on paper. Even though I never studied art or illustration, I have always taken extra classes related to art:


For six years, I was a student in Katharina Fischborn's art school in Langenlonsheim, where I got to know a variety of techniques (pencil and coal sketches, watercolor, acrylics, woodcarving, etching, linocut, and many more). Wherever I moved, I tried to refine my favorite technique (pencil sketches) and took illustration classes on (children's) book illustrations (among others, with Vitali Konstantinov), scientific illustrations (with Carles Puche), anatomical drawings (with Maria Pappalardi) and  Brush Lettering (with Clara, the founder of Wood Love Lettering).


For my illustrations I work both with analogue and digital media. Starting from pencil, ink, and coal sketches, over watercolour and acrylics, to pixel-based digital illustrations (with Procreate on iPad) – I will visualize your wishes and contents for your project in your style and with my skills. 


In the slideshow below, you will get an impression of my work so far, from book cover designs and respective illustrations, company logos and website headers, to portraits, sketches, etc. pp....


If you want to get to know further projects of mine, you can head over to my Instagram profile: @illustranslation.

project design

Good things take time. This is the reason why good time management is of utmost importance for every project.


If you want to work with me, you should know as exact as possible, which target audience you want to reach in which way and with which technique. Like that, we will save a lot of time and money during our collaboration.


Before you commission an illustration project, I will send you a cost estimate and a detailed schedule, so that you will be able to understand every single step on the way to your final product. Thereby, you will comprehend how my prices are calculated. The more you can tell me about your wishes and demands, the faster I can start doing my work and show you first results.


An example:

One of my last projects was the illustration of a non-fiction book about first job applications and getting started in marketing. The author had clear-cut ideas about the illustration style (comic-like, fun, easy, coloured, digital), what should be shown, as well as where to position them in the book. Each illustration took me about 5 hours (1 hour for sketches, 1 hour more or less for changes, 2,5 hours for actually illustrating it and half an hour for final changes (which in digital media are easy, but become problematical in analogue media).


Buy cheaply, pay dearly. So better invest in high-quality work that leaves you (and your clients, readers, etc.) satisfied.


All listed fees serve as orientation only; they are the frame which depends on the hours needed, the desired style and technique, time pressure and a possible publication. Private commissions are obviously a lot cheaper than illustrations which shall be used in a worldwide distributed novel, for example. I am content to give discounts depending on the project – especially in case of various services. Simply contact me and we can talk about everything. 

  • a small illustration: approx. 120 Euro
  • a big illustration: approx. 150 to 250 Euro
  • a bookcover: approx. 300 to 500 Euro
  • a page for a magazine/journal (nationwide): approx. 500 Euro
  • a cover for a magazine/journal (nationwide): approx. 1000 Euro
  • a page in a school book: approx. 200 Euro per page
  • a page in a children's book (colored): approx. 100 to 150 Euro per page
  • a picture book with 12 double pages: approx. 1500 Euro
  • a book of fairytales with 20 to 40 illustrations: approx. 2000 Euro

As soon as we have agreed on price and  schedule, the first half of the final sum will have to be paid, while the other half remains yours until I finish the project.