traducciones + copywriting

There are probably few jobs which are as underrated as a translator's or copywriter's. People often think that the ability to speak another language already makes you a translator. But far from it! Not only do you have to speak and understand a language perfectly, but you also have to know its idiosyncrasies, its loud and quiet tones, its puns and plays on words; you have to know syntax and semiotics, you have to know and be able to integrate certain expressions and figures of speech, in order to see yourself fit to the task of taking a culturally embedded text with all its domestic roots and to repot it into another language and culture.


This is true both for translators and copywriters. We don't just take a dictionary and translate and transfer a text word by word, paragraph by paragraph. Attention, metaphor right ahead: We are like fishermen who catch the original tone of a text, without letting its essence fall through the fishing net or having its puns slip through our hands. We then prepare a tasty text in such a manner, that it is to our culture's liking and similar to what we know, without losing its original taste.  


We rewrite texts for a more or less clearly defined target audience, but the major part of this work consists of remaining faithful the original text, but  – at the same time – not confusing the readers with incomprehensible stories.


Enough talk! You can have a look at the slideshow with my translations that have been published so far, or you can contact me via the contact form.

Traducción para National Geographic (Alemania); traducciones y copy las revistas de Desigual; telenovela portuguesa "Frozen Memories"; documental "Psychedelika" en el portal Gaia; vistazo a "Der Kuss des Schurken" ("Stealing a Rogue's Kiss") de Amanda Marie Siemen, cubierta de "Eine Nacht in Annwn" de Owen Jones, pantallazos de la página web de A Good Company, cubierta de "Zsofia, Klara, Eva Braun und der Pilot" de Lisa M. Hutchison.

garantía de calidad

I am not only an enthusiastic reader of books from and about all different cultures, but I also love to learn new languages. If I had the time, I would start a new language each year. I translate from English, Spanish, Catalan and Italian and can speak a bit of Basque, Swedish, and French. But that's not enough! I would love to learn Islandic, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and many more in order to indulge in my addiction of finding logical connections between languages and cultures.


You commission me because you know that your text is in best hands with me. My passion for language(s) and eye for detail, combined with eagerness and readiness to give everything in search for a good synonym, will make every translation into German to something really special. No guts, no glory! Drop me a message and we will see what I can do for you.



My fee is connected to word count. For less extensive projects I charge the customary rate of 0,15 € per word. For more extensive texts (magazines, novels, BA-theses, etc.), we can also agree on a composition payment, which has to be discussed for each individual case.


Copywriting is charged according to your target audience and the media on which you publish your text; the composition payment is always connected to your individual project and your demands: Who is your target audience? What do they expect? What do you expect? Which style is most likely to attract your audience? Formal, informal? Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy or professionally distanced? Shall the texts be extravagant and circumlocutory or rather short and crisp?


In case you need a layout for your text, don't give up hope, because I will help! After 5 years of experience in the publishing houses of Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht and Herder Editorial Barcelona I really know what I'm doing. Simply contact me and tell me about your project. I'm sure we'll find a solution!